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Electrical fault finding

Electrical installations and wiring systems can develop problems due to all sorts of reasons over a period of time. Whether it’s a small single phase circuit board in an apartment or huge 3 phase circuit boards fitted in large commercial / industrial properties, there are several electrical installation aspects that could go wrong. Furthermore, these issues may remain unidentified unless someone experienced has a look or something happens!


This is where GWH Electrical Services can come to your aid. We can carry out time-to-time inspections and diagnosis of your electrical systems to keep you and your close ones safe. Having years of experience in electrical fault finding and diagnosis, you can trust us to provide practical and swift electrical repairs in Blackburn. We use top of the line equipment and also carry out computer diagnostic tests for quick and efficient detection of electrical faults.

Landlord certificates

If you’re contemplating renting out your premises, it is imperative that you get a landlord’s certificate. At GWH Electrical Services, we can maintain your electrical installations, and supply you such electrical safety certificates at attractive prices. So why incur hefty fines when you have us?!

For a thorough and professional electrical fault finding call us now on 07816 436 975

The internal red, blue and black wirings of a plug frayed blue, red and black wires split from a power lead